1800 Single/Dual Height Stage


Built in 2-Height Versatility

The SICO® 1800 series stage system offers the superior advantages of a mobile folding stage. The dual height model features the added simplicity and speed of built-in height adjustability. The single height 1800 model is available in 8" increments from 8" to 32". The dual-height 1800 model has a variety of height combinations with 16"/24", 24"/32", & 32"/40" choices. Dual height models are available in 4'x8' and 6'x8' deck sizes. 3'x8' decks are single height only. Each section of the SICO® 1800 Mobile Folding Stage rolls freely on its own 4 built-in wheels to wherever it's needed. No heavy sections to lift and carry, and no deck or frame trucks to slow you down.

Save Time & Money

Each section of the 1800 mobile folding stage is designed to be handled by one person, so cost savings in labor and set-up times are substantial. Since each stage unit is self-contained, there is no need for bulky deck or frame storage trucks. This unique feature not only saves time and money, but also valuable storage space.

Less Sections Needed with Large 6'x8' Deck Units

The larger 6'x8' stage units yield more square footage, so you purchase fewer units than with the traditional 4’X8’ sized decks. Fewer pieces to move and store make this option your best long-term investment plus a significant cost savings is achieved.

The Performance Promise

Protected by a 3-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds.


1800 Stage Decks

Decks come in 3'x8' (90cm x 244cm), 4'x8' (122cm x 244cm) and 6'x8' (183cm x 244cm) sizes and are surfaced with hard tuff-deck or carpet.

1800 Stage Heights
  1. Single heights for all size decks.
    1. 8" (20cm)
    2. 16" (41cm)
    3. 24" (61cm)
    4. 32" (81cm)
  2. Dual heights for 4'x8' and 6'x8' decks
    1. 16" (41cm) and 24" (61cm)
    2. 24" (61cm) and 32" (81cm)
    3. 32" (81cm) and 40" (102cm)

1800 Stage Features & Benefits

  • Self-storing Unit - Designed to be a self-contained unit for efficient single person set-up and easy storage resulting in considerable savings in labor and time.
  • Over-Center Locking Mechanism - Keeps unit and legs locked safely into place during transport.
  • Yellow Parts - All adjustable and operational parts are painted a bright yellow for easy identification.
  • Heavy-Duty Wheels - Non-marring wheels protect floors, and are designed for long term life. No heavy sections to lift or carry. Eliminates the need for purchase of a cart.
  • Vinyl Coated Steel Edge - Provides long lasting wear and durability.
  • Hook and Loop Fastener - Placed around the perimeter of stage for easy drape skirting attachment.
  • Tiered Stage Unit Connectors - Built in connectors to secure tiered stage risers between levels.
  • Pin and Cable Height Adjusters - Allows for easy and convenient height adjustment.
  • Stage Legs - In set-up position unit rests on 8 direct-to-floor load bearing legs that serve as points of contact to stabilize the stage in the use position.
  • Foot Glides - Non-marring glides protect floors.
  • 0.125" (.32cm) Unitized Steel Frame - Long lasting strength and durability. A rigid, one-piece unitized steel frame is designed to support the deck load of 125 lbs. per square foot. (278.3 kg. per square meter).
  • Deck Surfaces - Compliment your deck surface with long wearing carpet or a durable scratch resistant Tuff-deck.
  • Unit-to-Unit Connector - Permanently attached yellow device that easily holds two stage units securely together.
  • Serial Numbers - Attached to frame for easy identification.
  • Guardrails - Provide an added safety feature and are required for use with all SICO® stages and risers.
  • SICO® Warranty - 3-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds.
Everything for a Complete, Professional Stage

SICO offers everything necessary for complete, professional staging including a complete line of:

  1. Guardrails are a safety must and are required with all SICO® stages and risers. Universal guardrails are used with the 1800 stage, as well as the SICO® Tri-Height Stage.
  2. Stage Step Units
  3. ADA (Americans with Disability Act) Ramps
  4. Chair/Table Stops
  5. Guardrail Covers
  6. Stage Backdrops
  7. Corner Deck Sections for curving the configuration of stages and risers.
  8. Transport Caddies for moving stage parts and accessories.
  9. Add a finished touch with stage drapes for a professional looking stage presentation.

1800 Stage Deck Surface Color Options

Stage decks are available in one of twelve carpet colors or in a black scratch resistant Tuff-Deck surface.

Cayenne Charcoal Cloud Gray
Fern Bank Light Buff Metallic Blue
Onyx Roasted Almond

Instructional Video

Demonstration Video of SICO® 1800 Stage

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