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SICO® Mobile Folding Cafeteria Tables


When it comes to cafeteria tables we exceed the competition on quality, service and choices.  Choose from our wide selection of sizes, shapes, and configurations. 

SICO BY-65 Cafeteria Tables
BY-65 Cafeteria Tables

A mobile folding lunchroom table with optional flip-up bench seats allowing for ADA accessibility.
SICO TC-65 Cafeteria Tables
TC-65 Cafeteria Tables

A mobile folding rectangular table option with attached seats. 8 models available.
SICO Communicator Table
Communicator Table

A mobile folding cafeteria table with attached seats and unique elliptical top shape allowing greater student interaction.

A mobile folding cafeteria table with stools or benches that fold underneath the table.
SICO ConverTable Bench Table
ConverTable Bench Table

A mobile folding, multi-function table that converts from a bench with table to a bench seat with backrest.
3-in-1 Converting Mobile Folding Bench/Table
SICO 3-in-1 ConverTable

A converting mobile folding bench & table. Perfect for cafeterias,
testing and auditoriums.
SICO Pacer Single Top Pacer Table
SICO® Pacer II Table

A one-piece seamless top mobile folding table with many beautiful laminate tabletop color options.
SICO Pacer Tables
SICO® Pacer Tables
A multi-purpose mobile folding table with 22 different tabletop options available.
SICO LB Tables
SICO® LB Tables
A mobile folding rectangular lunchroom table for use anywhere.
SICO Graduate Cafeteria Tables
Graduate Tables

A mobile folding lunchroom table available in oval or octagon shape with stools or oval shape with benches.
SICO MultiApp Tables
SICO® MultiApp Tables

A mobile folding multi-use table that may be configured for round table discussions.
SICO MultiApp IIS Tables
SICO® MultiApp IIS Tables

Mobile folding multi-use tables designed for seating on both sides of the table.
SICO Ellip-Table
SICO® Ellip-Table

A mobile folding table featuring an elliptical tabletop for use in any cafeteria, conference or board room facility.
SICO Social Event Tables
A mobile folding pre-function table that comes in fixed or adjustable height models.


Provide a finished look to your tables with table drapes and accessories.

Table Drapes
Table Drapes

Draperies provide a polished look and work great with shaped tables such as the SICO® Pacer and catering tables.

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