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Catering and Event Mobile Folding Tables


SICO® catering tables are designed to industry specifications and are quiet in transport.  Because they are mobile, they can be fully dressed in the kitchen and  then rolled directly to the next catering event.  Choose from the options below that cover all of your needs for catering and room service.

SICO Sophisticate Table
SICO® Sophisticate Table

An upscale natural composite stone or laminate mobile catering table.
SICO Catering Tables
Catering Service Tables

A mobile folding single & two-tier catering table.
Upscale Catering Table
SICO® Sophisticate Plus

An upscale catering table equipped with induction warming units.
Upscale Catering Table
Deluxe Catering Table

An upscale catering table so elegant, it doesn't require linen or skirting.
SICO Catering Event Table

A mobile folding pre-function table that comes in fixed or adjustable height models.
SICO MultiApp IIS Tables
SICO® MultiApp IIS Tables

Mobile folding multi-use tables designed for seating on both sides of the table.


Provide a finished look to your tables with table drapes and accessories.

Table Drapes
Table Drapes

Draperies provide a polished look and work great with shaped tables such as the SICO® Pacer and catering tables.

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