SICO® Harmony Choral Risers


It doesn't get any easier than this!

Just roll each self-contained 3, or 4 step unit into place, lower the steps with one fluid motion to the floor, lock it to the next unit, and you are ready to sing. When in the use position, each unit rests on 10-12 solid points of contact, so risers remain solid and quiet. Each step is fully carpeted and positioned to keep heels from slipping off the back edge.

SICO® standing harmony choral risers offer easy transport, quick configuration changes in very cost efficient packages. Each 3 or 4 tier unit is fully self-contained, rolls into place, folds down and locks onto adjoining units. Standard rear guard rail folds down for transport and storage and prevents unwanted opening when not in use.

Backrail comes standard at no extra charge

All SICO® Choral risers come with the attached back-rail, at no extra charge for added security. This important feature also folds down over the unit to keep steps secure in the transport position. We also highly recommend our new side-rail system for added peace of mind.

Reverse steps without tools

SICO® Harmony Choral Risers have a quick reverse step system that makes it easy to change your riser configuration from the traditional semi-circular arrangement to straight or into other interesting combinations—without tools! Use this feature to build unique configurations for Show Choir, or Double Choir concerts.

Choral Riser Configurations
Change the shape of each riser configuration simply by reversing the steps, without tools.

Performance Promise

Protected by a 15-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds.

Choral Riser Choices

  1. 3-tier Riser - Takes up less depth and top riser is only 24" (60.9cm) high so it is a great choice for small to medium sized groups, or for young children.
  2. 4-tier Riser – When you have a larger group, or are setting risers up in a confined area. This 4-step unit takes your group up another tier at 32" (81.3cm) to increase your overall capacity.

Choral Riser Features & Benefits

Standing Choral Riser Features, Benefits and Advantages

  • Mandatory Rear Guardrails - Rear security guardrails come standard and are permanently attached to the back row of each riser for added safety. Bonus over other models: This guardrail also folds down over the unit to secure it in the transport mode.
  • Black Frame Finish - Attractive, non- reflective, and professional appearance.
  • Mobile 4 wheel Design - Both 3 & 4 step models roll easily on 4 wheels and fit through a standard 36"(91cm) doorway. No loose parts to worry about.
  • Deck-to-Deck Overhang - One inch (2.5 cm) deck-to-deck overhang reduces chance of accidents caused by heels slipping between riser tiers.
  • Non-Marking Glide - Provides quiet, non-marring floor contact in the set-up position. Durable, neoprene glide comes complete with steel washer insert, to protect slide from wear over time.
  • Carpet-wrapped Decks - Carpet completely wraps tops and sides of all decks so they are always quiet, yet delivering an acoustical asset to your performances. Carpet also eliminates the possibility of catching robes on sharp edges.
  • Welded Aluminum - Deck frames are welded aluminum to minimize weight. One person can easily operate.
  • Easy Storage & Transport - Transport and storage are easy for staff. Easy to lift, easy to fold, and nothing to disassemble for storage makes it simple for staff to fold up units.
  • Folded Stability - Choral risers fold up for convenient transporting and storage. One simple lifting motion makes it easy to fold up units.
  • Built in Unit-to-unit Cam Connector secures units together and locks them into place. No gaps between units for heels to slip though. Nothing to unbolt or unscrew for set-up or take-down when you change configurations.
  • Quick Reverse Steps Change arrangement of units in minutes without tools.
  • Side Rails - Locks onto pivoting top rail without tools. Side rails mount to back of unit when in stored position. One side rail kit is all you need to protect both ends. This added safety feature is highly recommended.
  • Serial Number - Branded into framing for easy identification.
  • Free Service - SICO® offers free space analysis drawings, which will provide accurate layouts for your venue with the appropriate number of choral risers.
  • Shipped Fully Assembled - Everything is contained in one unit, no parts to carry or add on.


Choral Riser Capacity Chart

Depth of risers is measured in curved configuration.

4-Rise Harmony Choral Riser

Units Group Capacity Width and Depth
2 32-40 12' 10" x 6' 11 1/2" (391cm x 212cm)
3 48-61 18' 10 1/2" x 7' 7-3/4" (575cm x 233cm)
4 64-82 24' 5" x 9' 1/2" (744cm x 276cm)
5 80-103 29' 4 1/2" x 10' 4 1/4" (895cm x 316cm)
6 96-124 33' 7 3/4" x 12' 3 1/4" (1026cm x 374cm)
7 112-145 37' 3/4" x 14' 3/4" (1130cm x 429cm)
8 128-166 39' 7 3/4" x 16' 4" (1208cm x 498cm)
9 144-187 41' 1 1/2" x 18' 5" (1253cm x 561cm)
10 160-208 41' 8" x 20' 10 1/2" (1270cm x 636cm)

First Group Capacity Number: - Performers shoulder to shoulder.

Second Group Capacity Number: - Performers facing center, shoulders turned in. Capacities based upon average size high school performers with one row on floor.

3-Rise Harmony Choral Riser

Units Group Capacity Width and Depth
2 24-32 11' 11" x 5' 3 3/4" (363cm x 162cm)
3 36-48 17' 6 1/2" x 5' 11 3/4" (535cm x 182cm)
4 48-64 22' 9" x 7' 5 1/4" (693cm x 227cm)
5 60-80 27' 5 1/2" x 8' 10" (837cm x 269cm)
6 72-96 31' 5 1/2" x 10' 8 3/4" (959cm x 327cm)
7 84-112 34' 8" x 12' 6 3/4" (1057cm x 383cm)
8 96-128 37' 1/2" x 14' 10 1/2" (1129cmx 453cm)
9 108-144 38' 6" x 16' 11 3/4" (1173cm x 518cm)
10 120-160 39' 1/2" x 19' 6" 1/4" (1190cm x 595cm)

First Group Capacity Number: - Performers shoulder to shoulder.

Second Group Capacity Number: - Performers facing center, shoulders turned in. Capacities based upon average size high school performers with one row on floor.

Choral Riser Finish Options

Black powder coat finish applied to the frame. Standard cloud gray carpet completely wraps tops and sides of all decks.

Instructional Video

Demonstration Video of the SICO® Harmony Choral Riser

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