SICO® ConverTable (2800) Bench Table

UL Listed Green Sustainability


A Truly Multi-Use Unit

Transform your cafeteria into a multi-functional space that can be used for assemblies, testing and many other functions. The SICO® ConverTable easily converts from an auditorium style bench-seating unit, to a table with bench unit. This allows you to have fewer tables, less labor, and less time for setup and take down.

Easy to Handle, Easy to Store

Each SICO® ConverTable unit rolls on its own four wheels, no carrying/caddies required. These unique tables also nest when in storage, freeing up valuable storage space for other uses. The SICO® ConverTable features a locking top to keep tables locked when in the table with bench position. This table makes it easy to re-configure your room for different activities.

Perfect for any Setting

With a multi-purpose SICO® ConverTable, you can increase the seating capacity over traditional tables and chairs in a cafeteria setting. The attached bench design also eliminates the noise, clutter, and wear and tear on your floors caused by conventional chairs. Fold the tops down, and the ConverTable quickly and easily converts into a comfortable bench seating with backrests for auditorium-style use. When used in a recreational setting, the SICO® ConverTable folds and rolls into place quickly to serve as a scoring or judges table.

Customize SICO Cafeteria Tables with your school logo! Celebrate school spirit. Convey school pride.

Custom Logo ProgramIntegrate your school logo, or mascot into the tabletop of a customized SICO cafeteria table. These tables will reflect your school's distinct personality, creating pride amongst students and faculty alike.

SICO logo tables carry the same impressive warranty as non-logo tables, and there is no minimum quantity required. The ordering process itself is as easy as A.B.C.

  • Provide SICO a high resolution (vector graphic) logo image and your choice of a compatible laminate color.
  • SICO will create a sample for your approval.
  • Place your order.

Your cafeteria will take on a new, welcoming identity. SICO logo tables help create an environment that students will prefer over off-site lunch destinations.

The Performance Promise

Protected by a 15-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds.

ConverTable Choices

  1. 6 Foot Table - A 6' (183cm) long converting table available in 27" or 29" heights.
  2. 7 Foot Table - A 7' (213cm) long converting table available in 27" or 29" heights.
  3. 8 Foot Table - A 8' (244cm) long converting table available in 27" or 29" heights.

ConverTable Table Features & Benefits

Convertable Table Features and Benefits
Aircraft Lock-Nuts
Aircraft Lock-Nuts
Tamper Proof Expansion Rivets
Tamper Proof Expansion Rivets / Solid MDF Core
Rigid Vinyl Backer Sheet
Rigid Vinyl Backer Sheet
  • Compact Storage - Tables fold & nest for compact storage. Each additional unit takes only 8" (20cm) of storage space.
  • Automatic Locking Top - Top stays locked when folded out for use.
  • Solid Steel Frame / Caster Beams - 14 gauge, square tubular steel adds superior strength and durability.
  • 3" Swivel Casters with Top Mounted Locks – Multi-directional casters for ease of mobility. Top mounted locks secure units into place. Non-marring soft, black rubber wheels won't damage floors or carpet.
  • Protective Leg Caps – Non-marring caps prevent floor damage.
  • Caster Beam Endcaps- Tamper proof caster beam end caps are secured with a unique stem and nut system, ensuring that they will not fall out.
  • Through-bolt Bench-board Attachment - Eliminates the possibility of screws falling out and increases durability.
  • High-Pressure Laminate – Tough surface for added durability and long-term wear. Sanitary and easy-to-clean. A large variety of striking colors and patterns are available to fit any color scheme.
  • Aircraft Lock-nuts – Used at all pivot points. Nuts are tamper resistant and won't loosen over time.
  • Tamper Proof Expansion Rivets – Fastens tabletop firmly to the frame and won't work loose like ordinary screws.
  • Solid MDF Core - Laminate tops attach to extremely durable ¾" MDF core material that is stronger than plywood or particle board.
  • SICO® ARMOR-EDGE® - The most durable edge available. Hermetically seals the tabletop and bench edges for sanitary purposes, allowing for easy clean-up, including steam cleaning.
  • Rigid Vinyl Backer Sheet – Applied to the underside of the table-top. Creates moisture barrier, and makes cleaning easy.
  • Simple Operation - Faster and quieter set-up than chairs — and reduces horse-play by students.
  • Two-Tables in One - Quickly and easily converts from table to bench with back rest. Most practical table for multi-purpose rooms.
    • Use as a cafeteria table to increase capacity over table and chairs.
    • Set-up as bench units for programs with comfortable bench seats and backrests.
    • Ideal for group testing, offering ample work room. All students can face the same direction.
  • ADA Design - Available in a 32" high ADA version.
  • Serial Numbers – Each table is marked for easy identification.
  • Warranty – Protected by a 15-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds.

Optional Accessory

  • Unit-to-unit connectors - Connects multiple tables together. Latches easily and keeps tables in place.

ConverTable Table Specifications

6 4-5
(483mm - 610mm)

Top Dimensions & Seating Capacity Top Heights Storage Dimensions single unit L"xW" Weight
ConverTable Rectangle
6'L x 14"W (183cm x 36cm) Seats 8 children or 6 adults (w/2 tables joined) 27" (69cm), 29" (74cm) 72"L x 22-1/2"W (183cm x 57cm) 125 lbs / 57kg
8'L x 14"W, (244cm x 36cm) Seats 12 children or 8-10 adults (w/2 tables joined) 27" (69cm), 29" (74cm), 32" (81cm) 96"L x 22-1/2" W (244cm x 57cm) 130 lbs / 59 kg

ConverTable Table Color Options

SICO® offers you many choices in both laminate tops, powdercoat frames, and protective edging for your ConverTable table.

Standard Laminate Table Top Colors

Tough high-pressure laminate tabletops meet NEMA specifications for durability and wearability. (Custom laminate colors available upon request).

Bannister Oak (10) Graphite Nebula (50) Green Tigris (76)
Grey Nebula (38) Karratha Brush (70) Kensington Maple (77)
Maroochy Brush (71) Pomegranate (78) Navy Legacy (53)
Nepal Teak (74) Saffron Tigris (54) Wild Cherry (49)
Windswept (51) Woolamai Brush (72)

Metal Table Leg & Frame Finish

Legs and frame come standard in a black powdercoated frame finish for appearance, ease of cleaning and durability. Other optional powder-coat finishes also available.

Copper Vein (R) Silver (L) Blue Hammertone (H)
Black (B) Chrome (C)

Chrome is standard for TC, BY, LB, Graduate, Undergraduate & Communicator tables.

Black Powdercoast is standard for Socializer, 3-in-1 ConverTable, 2800, Multi-App, Catering Tables, FLT Armor-Edge tables.

Protective SICO® ARMOR-EDGE® Colors

The added strength of the patented SICO® ARMOR-EDGE® used on table tops provides an incredibly tough edge to take hard everyday abuse without damage. This edge treatment has a proven track record for long-term durability.

The SICO® ARMOR-EDGE® is the strongest edge available, hermetically sealing the table edge for sanitary purposes and moisture resistance for longer life. No cracks or seams to trap food.

Black (02) Gray (03) Burgundy (04)
Blue (05) Brown

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