Griddle Station Cooking Station Chafing Station Chafing Hot Station Carving Station Hot Plate Station Food & Beverage Station Bar Station Sushi Buffet Station Multi-Purpose Station Side Stations Induction Warming/Cooking Side Station Ice Bin Side Station Lowerator Side Station
  • 14 buffet stations to support multiple applications.
  • Ready to move in and out of action on six heavy-duty casters.
  • NSF certified quartz composite top.
  • Innovative design protects your investment. Learn more.

PDF Buffet Station Brochure. (1 MB)
PDF Mobile Buffet Stations Owners Manual. (5.8 MB)

Personalize Your Buffet Station
Cooking Station

Induction Cooking Station

Bring the action of the kitchen to your guests.
Chafing Station

Induction Warming Station

Showcase your food presentation while keeping food warm for your guests.
Chafing Hot Station

Induction Warming & Hot Plate Station

Warm holding of cooked food from the kitchen, keeps the food at ideal temperatures.
Carving Station

Carving Station with Induction Warming Units

Enhance your carving presentation.
Hot Plate Station

Hot Plate Warming Station

Warm holding of cooked food from the kitchen, keeps the food at ideal temperatures.
Food & Beverage Station

Food & Beverage Display Station

Showcase your presentation of chilled foods and beverages.
Bar Station

Bar Station

Service bar to provide beverages as required for an event.
Sushi Buffet Station

Sushi Station

Self-contained refrigeration sushi display station presents & preserves food.
Multi-Purpose Station

Multi-Purpose Station

A buffet station for;
food and beverage presentations, event decorations, table-top appliances.
Griddle Station

Griddle Station

A mobile induction warming & griddle unit buffet station with all the condiment necessities for action cooking presentations anywhere.
Side Stations

Trapezoid Ambient Side Station

Used for display, or additional working area.
Ice Bin Side Station

Trapezoid Side Station With Ice Bin

For any kind of F&B display which are presented chilled.
Lowerator Side Station

Trapezoid Lowerator® Side Station

A self-leveling plating station that is adjustable to a variety of dish weights and diameters for food & beverage presentations.

Innovative interchangeable design feature lets you change the style of your station when your theme changes.

How SICO Protects Your Investment

When you buy a DECO Buffet Station from SICO, your long-term investment is secure. We understand that the style complementing today's theme, may not be so complementary after your next remodel. That is why the SICO DECO Buffet Station series is so unique.

SICO's innovative and flexible design gives you the capability to change out the body style of your buffet station without the cost of purchasing a whole new unit. This built-in flexibility allows you to stay ahead of the competition and keep customers intrigued by your ever-evolving new look.

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