SICO® Deluxe Catering Table

Green Sustainability


The SICO Deluxe Upscale Catering Table combines a sophisticated look and ease of operation with spacious serving surfaces. This table showcases a beautiful combination of style, mobility and durability in one elegant package. It's also extremely practical, as it allows you to set-up in the kitchen, and roll into service.

  • UPSCALE DESIGN - A new oval frame that provides strength, stability, and style. No skirting required.
  • GREEN DESIGN - From top to bottom, this table has been designed to be used WITHOUT LINENS.
  • EASE OF OPERATION - Rolls smoothly into service, and folds neatly into the storage position.
  • LARGER SERVICE AREA - With two tiers of continuous surface space, the new upscale catering table will service all your catering needs.
  • VERSATILE - Can be used as a reception desk, display stand, or dry bar.

Protected by a 3-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds.

Catering Service Table Choices

  1. Single-Tier Upscale Catering Table
  2. Two-Tier Upscale Catering Table

Features & Benefits

(Blackstar Granite Laminate Top Upscale Catering Table Illustrated.)

2-Tier Upscale Catering Table with a Blackstar Granite Laminate Tabletop
Secure Locking Mechanism
Secure Locking Mechanism
Front Mounted Wheel Locks
Front Mounted Wheel Locks
Rigid Vinyl Backer Sheet
Rigid Vinyl Backer Sheet
Hydraulic Damper Folding Mechanism
Hydraulic Damper Folding Mechanism
Aircraft Lock Nuts
Aircraft Lock Nuts
Folding Table Top
Folding Table Top
Tamper Proof Expansions Rivets / Solid MDF Core
Tamper Proof Expansions Rivets / Solid MDF Core
  • Upscale Design - A table so elegant, it doesn’t require linen or skirting.
  • Easy Storage Operation - Easy operation from storage to use configuration. Moving tables into storage is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
    1. 2nd tier releases from locked position and folds down onto 1st tier.
    2. Entire top then folds vertically (with assist from hydraulic damper).
    3. Tables nest forcompact storage.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism - Spring-loaded latch and catch auto lock keeps top tier surface secure in use position.
  • SICO® ARMOR-EDGE® - The most durable edge available. Hermetically seals the tabletop and bench edges for sanitary purposes. Allows for easy clean-up, including steam cleaning.
  • Protective Rubber Bumber - Protects tabletop when tables are nested together for storage.
  • Double Cross Member Construction - Provides added strength and durability.
  • Dual-wheel Casters - Non-marring 3" (2.6cm) dual-wheel swivel casters roll quietly while protecting the floor. Two casters lock to ensure table stays in place.
  • Oval Tube Frame - Heavy-duty tubular frame. New oval tube frame gives an upscale look, as well as strength and stability.
  • Black Powdercoat Finish - Powder-coat finish is durable and scratch resistant.
  • High-Pressure Laminate - Tough .04” (.10cm) thickness high-pressure laminate surface tabletops meet NEMA specifications for durability and long-term wearability. Sanitary and easy-to-clean. A large variety of striking colors and patterns are available to fit any color scheme.
  • Spacious Surfaces - A spacious upper two-tier and lower tier surface provides more table surface space.
  • Elliptical Edge - Curved elliptical style top edge design offers an asethetic upscale look.
  • Front Mounted Wheel Locks - Two casters lock to ensure table stays in place.
  • Rigid Vinyl Backer Sheet – Applied to the underside of the tabletops for moisture control and easy cleanup (including gum removal), stain resistance and fantastic appearance. Far superior to all types of paper backers.
  • Hydraulic Damper Folding Mechanism - Hydraulic damper ensures a slow, smoothfold into storage position.
  • Aircraft Lock Nuts - Superior construction. Aircraft locknuts are used at all pivot points so they stay in place through years of use.
  • Folding Table Top - Table top folds up and down for storage and use configurations.
  • Tamper Proof Expansion Rivets – Fastens tabletop firmly to the frame and won't work loose like ordinary screws.
  • Solid MDF Core - MDF core out-performs plywood or particle board, is light-weight and resists warping. Laminate tops are made with extremely durable ¾" MDF core material that is stronger than plywood or particle board and resists warping.
  • Serial Numbers - Permanently marked for easy identification.
  • Operating Instructions - Attached to every table for convenience.
  • Free Space Analysis - Take advantage of the free space analysis drawings which will provide you with the appropriate number of tables and table accessories.
  • Warranty – Protected by a 3-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds.


1) Single-Tier Upscale Catering Table

Tabletop: 72" x 32" (183cm x 81cm)
Table Height: 30" (76cm)
Table Weight: 110 lbs. (50kg.)
Model Number: TB322GSG5902B

2) Two-Tier Upscale Catering Table

Tabletop 1st-Tier: 72" x 32" (183cm x 81cm)
Tabletop 2nd-Tier: 72" x 17" (183cm x 43cm)
Table Height: 30" (76cm)
Table Weight: 152 lbs. (69 kg.)
Model Number: TB222GSG5902B

Catering Service Table Options

SICO offers you many tabletop laminates and table edging choices.

Standard Laminate Table Top Colors

Tough high-pressure laminate tabletops meet NEMA specifications for durability and wearability. (Custom laminate colors available upon request).

Bannister Oak (10) Graphite Nebula (50) Green Tigris (76)
Grey Nebula (38) Karratha Brush (70) Kensington Maple (77)
Maroochy Brush (71) Pomegranate (78) Navy Legacy (53)
Nepal Teak (74) Saffron Tigris (54) Wild Cherry (49)
Windswept (51) Woolamai Brush (72)

Metal Table Leg & Frame Finish

Table legs & frame for the single & two-tier Deluxe catering tables are black powder-coated for appearance, ease of cleaning and durability.

Copper Vein (R) Silver (L) Blue Hammertone (H)
Black (B) Chrome (C)

Chrome is standard for TC, BY, LB, Graduate, Undergraduate & Communicator tables.

Black Powdercoast is standard for Socializer, 3-in-1 ConverTable, 2800, Multi-App, Catering Tables, FLT Armor-Edge tables.

Protective SICO® ARMOR-EDGE® Colors

The added strength of the patented SICO® ARMOR-EDGE® used on table tops provides an incredibly tough edge to take hard everyday abuse without damage. This edge treatment has a proven track record for long-term durability.

The SICO® ARMOR-EDGE® is the strongest edge available, hermetically sealing the table edge for sanitary purposes and moisture resistance for longer life. No cracks or seams to trap food.

Black (02) Gray (03) Burgundy (04)
Blue (05) Brown

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