Sten Andersen Named General Manager of SICO Incorporated’s Middle East Office

SICO Incorporated is proud to announce that Sten Andersen has been named General Manager of the company’s Middle East office. In his new role, Sten will leverage his diverse business experience to manage daily operations while also providing strategic direction for the office.

SICO® Introduces Next Generation Lunchroom Tables Featuring the Innovative SICO® Strut™

New mobile folding cafeteria tables offer effortless operation and are designed for the way schools use tables today. This next generation of SICO® tables is a complete system of unique elements specifically engineered to work in harmony to create a table that is effortless to operate and maintain while adding color and comfort to a school or workplace cafeteria.

Ken Steinbauer Named President & Chief Operating Officer
of SICO® Inc.

The Board of Directors of SICO® Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Ken Steinbauer to President and Chief Operating Officer effective December 1, 2016. Ken will be responsible for providing strategic leadership and unifying global business efforts in Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East in addition to the Americas. He continues as President of SICO® America, the largest operating unit of SICO® Inc. and reports to Chris Wilson, CEO of SICO® Inc.

New Linenless Folding Leg Table

SICO® has introduced a new linenless folding leg table with a variety of convenient features and options that provide valuable versatility for users. The durable SICO® Linenless Rectangle FLT (Folding Leg Table) includes a removable and reversible modesty panel plus three leg design options and popular choices for sizes, colors and finishes.

SICO South Pacific
Barry Shepherd Named General Manager of SICO® Incorporated’s South Pacific Region

SICO® Inc. Chief Executive Officer Chris E. Wilson is proud to announce Barry Shepherd as General Manager of the company’s South Pacific region. In his role, Barry will be responsible for the management and strategic direction of the SICO® South Pacific operation encompassing Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands and Southern Africa.

Barry will oversee all strategic functions including sales, marketing, new business acquisition and major project tendering across the Hospitality, Venue, Government and Education sectors, as well as all logistics, manufacturing, financial direction and staff management.

Florida State Contract: Educational Furniture 420-420-10-1

(Effective June 1, 2016 – May 31, 2018)

SICO® was recently awarded the Educational Furniture contract for the State of Florida.  Discounts of 42-50% off list price are available using this contract.  Please contact the  SICO® Education team for more details.

CLICK HERE to view the Education team.

SICO® Inc. Names Ken Steinbauer Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing

The Board of Directors of SICO® Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Ken Steinbauer to Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing effective immediately. Ken will be responsible for providing strategic leadership and unifying global sales and marketing efforts in Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East in addition to the Americas. He continues as President of SICO® America, the largest operating unit of SICO® Inc. and reports to Chris Wilson, CEO of SICO® Inc.

The State of Georgia Procurement Contract

(Currently in Effect)

The purpose of the contract is to provide competitive discounted pricing on the purchase of Office, Computer and Educational Furniture products by state entities.  Discount percentages off Supplier published list price are offered for three (3) common delivery options in most categories, (Dock Delivery, Inside Delivery & Delivery and Installed). Be sure to select the delivery option that suits your needs, as it will affect the percentage discount offered.

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Designing the Collaborative Learning Classroom

“Collaborative learning is based on the idea that learning is a naturally social act in which the participants talk among themselves. It is through the talk that learning occurs. … We know that learning occurs from sharing our ideas, beliefs, and writing through our interactions with others.” So Jeanne Marcum Gerlach defines in this whitepaper.

Buffet Stations Move from Utilitarian to Entertaining

Goodbye cumbersome, labor-intensive table-and-linen set-ups for buffet stations. Hello buffet stations that are durable, easy for staff to use, and sleekly designed to provide guests an upscale, unforgettable dining experience.

National IPA Contract

(Effective March 5, 2015-March 4, 2017 with available renewal through 2020.)

The Norfolk Public Schools/National IPA awarded a contract to SICO® America, Inc. under RFP-15006FL for Educational Furniture. Click here for the discount structure as it pertains to the current SICO® America, Inc. list pricing. For current SICO® America list prices to use with the above discount structure, please contact the SICO® Regional Sales Manager in your area.

Boss Magazine Profile

CEO Chris Wilson shares what makes SICO® built to last: brand recognition. Imagine the cafeteria in your elementary school. For some of us it may be difficult to remember the details, but I doubt you could forget the bench seating you sat at day after day, swapping your food and giggling with your friends before recess. Although SICO isn’t specifically in the business of making memories, its products—quite possibly those tables you sat at some years ago—stand the test of time to be part of the backdrop of your school days, and many other milestones of your life. SICO® is a third-generation family-owned company that has been creating and innovating many of the products used in daily life: from lunchroom tables from your youth to the stages, platforms, portable dance floor, and tables at your wedding, there’s a good chance you’ve crossed paths with these products before.

SICO® Incorporated Announces CEO Transition to Third Generation Leadership

The Board of Directors is proud to announce the promotion of Chris E. Wilson to Chief Executive Officer of SICO® Incorporated effective immediately. In addition to his new CEO responsibilities, Chris continues in his role as President of SICO® Inc. and CEO of SICO® America. Hal Wilson, whose father Kermit Wilson founded the company in 1951, continues as Executive Chairman of the Board and principal shareholder of the privately-held company. Hal has served as CEO since 1990 when his father passed the leadership reins to him.

SICO® Unveils New Lunchroom Tables

SICO® America has introduced a new portfolio of lunchroom tables. Our mobile Associate Table shapes and sizes are designed specifically for school cafeterias. SICO’s lineup is spearheaded by its new “D” Shape table, which features a flat side that can be set against a wall to create a popular booth-style effect.