• 7 buffet stations to support multiple applications.
  • Ready to move in and out of action on six heavy-duty casters.
  • NSF certified quartz composite top.
  • Decorative brushed stainless steel fascia.

PDF Buffet Station Brochure. (1 MB)
PDF Mobile Buffet Stations Owners Manual. (5.8 MB)

Personalize Your Buffet Station
Ovation Warming Station

Induction Warming Station

Showcases your food presentation while keeping food warm for your guests.
Ovation Carving Station

Carving Station

Enhance your carving presentation.
Ovation Cooking Station

Induction Cooking Station

Bring the action of the kitchen to your guests.
Ovation Multi-Purpose Station

Multi-Purpose Station

A buffet station for;
food and beverage presentations, event decorations, table-top appliances.
Ovation Food & Beverage Station

Food & Beverage Station

Showcase your presentation of chilled food and beverages.
Ovation Lowerator Side Station

Lowerator® Side Station

Add additional plating surface space to your buffet line setup.
Ovation Ambient Side Station

Ambient Side Station

Add additional functional surface space to your Ovation buffet line setup.

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