Innovative Product Turns Multi-Purpose Room into a Theatre Instantly!

The SICO INSTA-THEATRE® concept is an innovative, full size performance theatre that folds conveniently into a pocket, or against a wall. Imagine transforming your cafeteria, gymnasium, or multi-purpose room into a professional theatre in minutes.

In its folded position, the SICO INSTA-THEATRE® consumes as little as 4.5' (1.4m) of depth. When unfolded, it provides a full, 24'-32' (7.31m-9.75m) wide by 16' (4.9m) deep performance stage inside the 17'-2" depth. Because it folds, it never permanently consumes the costly square footage of a permanent stage or theater.

A SICO INSTA-THEATRE® will be a dramatic feature of your facility and a welcome asset to your community. Valuable space is not committed to a permanent one-use theatre room.

Save thousands of dollars in construction costs!

You can enjoy the benefits of a full proscenium theatre at less than half the cost of a permanent built-in theater. Maximize your use of space within Hotels, Community Centers, Schools, Churches, and Convention Centers with the SICO INSTA-THEATRE® . Facilities can now provide a professional theatre for their patrons without committing a large amount of space or cost.

Optimize your multi-purpose room space!

Once installed, it takes only minutes to fold out and operate. When your performance is over, just fold it away and use the space it consumed for other activities.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3...

vinyl protective curtain opened
1) Open the optional, vinyl protective curtain, revealing the beautiful theatre:
In most cases stage sections and accessories are stored within the folded SICO INSTA-THEATRE® .
Roll out the front support towers
2) Two person set-up:
Simply roll out the front support towers and pivot the curtain tormentors (side wings) to each side. This hides the backstage area from the view of the audience.
Assemble SICO stage sections into place.
3) Roll the easy-to-operate SICO® stage sections into place:
Power up the pre-installed theatre lights, attach the stage skirting and you are ready for your performance.
Storage Takes Minutes

The mobile stages are folded up, the tormentor wing curtains are folded in, mobile towers at each front corner of the theater are rolled back, and the SICO INSTA-THEATRE® is ready for storage.

The Performance Promise

Protected by a 1-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds. 3-Year Warranty for theatre staging.

Complete SICO INSTA-THEATRE® Package.


Each SICO INSTA-THEATRE® comes as a complete package that includes all the components of a professional theatre. Each one can be customized to fit your facilities needs.

12 Illustrated Retractable Theatre Callouts

A typical SICO INSTA-THEATRE® package includes:

  1. Tower Package: Two 14', 13' or 12' High SICO INSTA-THEATRE® Rolling Support Towers and Folding Side Truss with Two 6' Wide Swinging Curtain Tormentor Wings.
  2. Beam Package: Front truss for 20', 24', 28' or 32' wide stage. Truss supports lights, front travelers and valance.
  3. Lighting Package: A premium 12 light system with professional easy-to-operate control panel connected by 50' cord to power distribution in left (stage right) tower. Either 208V, 3 phase, 40amp or 220V, single phase, 60 amp electrical service required. Basic 12 light and 8 light packages also available.
  4. Curtain Package: Bi-Parting Front House Curtains and Border Set with Rigging Pulley System, Stage Masking Curtains, Top Canopy, and Stage Skirting Drapes.
  5. Protective Heavy Vinyl Storage Curtain: On it's own track. Protects proscenium drapes when SICO INSTA-THEATRE® is in folded position.
  6. Wall Mount Attachment Framing Kit: Trusses, rigging, curtains, and lighting are supported by wall mounted frames.
  7. Professional Installation: Installed by experienced SICO® installers who also provide customer training seminar at time of installation.
  8. Freight: Included with purchase.
  9. Mobile Folding StagesMobile Folding Stages: Your choice of any SICO® mobile folding platform stage which easily sets up & stores within the SICO INSTA-THEATRE® .
  10. Mobile Step Units: Equipped with wheels & guardrails, for one or both sides of stages. Optional choice of ramp system available.
  11. Guardrails & Mobile Storage Caddies for guardrail, ramp, and skirting storage.

NOTE: Guardrails provide an added safety feature and are required for use with all SICO® stages and risers.

Staging Choices

Depending on your specific theatre situation and other uses for portable stages in your facility, SICO® offers several options to accommodate your staging needs. Many height choices available.

SICO’s® most popular stage comes in single or dual-height choices.
Very versatile stage adjustable to three heights with reversible decks.
Retractable STAGE & RISER
SICO’s® basic, x-frame adjustable stage system.

Features & Benefits

SICO INSTA-THEATRE® Offers Professional Features:

Mobile Corner Stage Towers
Mobile Corner Towers:
The corner towers are connected to front and folding top trusses that securely lock into place. Locks release from ground level.
Durable Stage Tower Casters
Durable Casters:
Towers roll easily on heavy-duty 6"(15cm) casters.
Top canopy for Retractable Stage
Top canopy combined with side and back curtains:
Provides excellent acoustics and prevents light leakage from performance area.
Pulley Stage System
Pulley system:
Makes opening and closing the curtains a breeze for a fully professional production.

Self-contained, full performance lighting system included!

220V power box
220V power distribution cabinet:
A locking security door includes six branch circuit breakers, a frame-mounted line breaker and a safety switch to cut power to the theatre when it folds back into storage.
Stage lighting control panel
Professional remote lighting control:
Allows complete adjustment of lights from a remote location. Console comes with 50' (15.2m) of cable.
Professional theatre lighting system
Dramatic lighting system expected of a professional theatre:
1) Six Par 56 luminaries and six 6"(15cm) fresnel spotlights - all with 500watt lamps.
2) Two dimmer bars with six dimmers per bar.
3) Color lenses to produce beautiful lighting effects.
Two layers of front stage curtains
Two layers of front curtains:
1) Optional outer protective curtain is made of heavy vinyl designed to protect the inner theatre curtains.
2) Velour inner theatre curtains are the same as those used on major stages around the country.
SICO INSTA-THEATRE stores within or against a wall
The entire SICO INSTA-THEATRE® stores in a built-in pocket or against a wall in as little as 4.5' (1.4m) of depth. Shown with optional protective curtain which hides the theatre when not in use.

  • Saves Time - Rolls out from the pocket or wall to a full performance theatre in minutes.
  • Saves Space - Valuable space does not have to be compromised for a permanent theatre.
  • Saves Money - A fraction of the cost of a built-in theatre. You can enjoy a full proscenium theatre at less than half the cost of a permanent theater.
  • Versatility - Instantly transforms a cafeteria, gym, or multi-purpose room into a professional theatre.
  • Free Space Configuration Analysis - SICO’s® professional staff can help you plan a SICO INSTA-THEATRE® into your new or existing facility. There is no charge or obligation for this service.


All standard sizes are 14' high (427cm). Custom sizes available.

Three sizes of INSTA-THEATRE® (open):

  • 24' wide, 17' 2" deep (731cm, 523cm)
  • 28' wide, 17' 2" deep (853cm, 523cm)
  • 32' wide, 17' 2" deep (975cm, 523cm)

Finish Options


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Instructional Video

Demonstration Video of INSTA-THEATRE®


Principal, Linda A. Bivans of the Alexander II Magnet School in Macon, Georgia recently found the perfect solution to transforming her school gymnasium into a full performance theatre. By installing a SICO INSTA-THEATRE® she instantly changed her gymnasium into a truly multi-purpose space, at a fraction of the cost of building in a permanent staging system.

"The students and staff at Alexander II Magnet School have really enjoyed using the SICO INSTA-THEATRE® . It is presently housed in our gymnasium, which serves our school well. The Theatre allows greater flexibility when conducting assemblies and performances. Our gym can be transformed to a beautiful theatre in little or no time to accommodate performances and then be disassembled immediately to return the space for our regular physical education program."

David Kinley, the Dealer Representative, that sold Linda her "turn-key" system, has now worked with SICO® to install six of these systems in the Macon area. "The schools love the flexibility that the SICO INSTA-THEATRE® offers. This product is designed perfectly for cafetorium and multi-purpose room environments."

In a magnet school situation this product can open up multiple performance spaces. "I have been fortunate to have served two schools with the SICO INSTA-THEATRE® ," said Principal Bivens. "The portability of the theatre allows the staff to create a stage in more than one area of the building. I highly recommend this product to schools who have an interest in conserving space."

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