SICO® Product Category Index

SICO® is a manufacturer of mobile, folding and portable space efficient products. SICO® has been manufacturing quality fold and roll tables, risers, stages, luggage carts and many other space saving products since 1951.

When you buy from SICO®, you are receiving a superior quality product over the competition. Purchase with confidence knowing that our products are backed by a strong warranty program and that SICO® guarantees and certifies all installations.

Choral Risers

Choral Risers

Mobile folding 3 and 4 step standing choral risers.
Cafeteria Tables

Cafeteria Tables

Choose from a large variety of mobile folding lunchroom tables for large functions such as schools.
Mobile Tables

Classroom Tables

These multi-functional and stylish school tables are sure to impress.
Mobile Tables

Seminar Tables

Two great table choices for business training meeting rooms and seminar events.
Mobile Banquet Tables

Banquet Tables

An excellent choice for cafeterias, multi-purpose rooms, food service, meetings, banquets, study halls, and testing.
Conference Tables

Conference Room Tables

Two excellent options for any conference or boardroom office area.
Catering Tables

Catering & Event Tables

Upscale and tiered mobile folding catering and social event tables available.
Room Service Tables

Room Service Tables

Practical mobile room service tables work great to serve hospitality guests.
Food Warmers

Food Warmers

Electric and solid fuel food warmers for hotels, food warmer transports and storage racks.
SICO Dance Floors

Portable Dance Floors

A proven dance floor for every occasion.
Mobile Stages

Stages & Accessories

Mobile folding leg and portable stages, stage steps, ADA ramps, crowd barriers, guardrails, caddies, skirting, backdrops and more...
Retractable Theatre

Instant Theatre

Portable proscenium retractable theatre.
Luggage Carts

Luggage Carts

4 great luggage cart choices for hotel properties.
Mobile Sleepers

Mobile Sleepers

The comfortable alternative to roll-a-way beds.
Wallbed Sleepers

Wallbed Systems

Comfortable sleeping convenience for hotels, motels, residential and firestations.
Folding Leg Tables

Folding Leg Tables

Multiple shaped folding tables with optional mobile FLT transports.
Mobile Buffet Stations

DECO Mobile Buffet Stations

DECO buffet units bring the cooking action to guests.
Ovation Buffet Stations

Ovation Stations

Action cooking mobile buffet units present a unique buffet experience.

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