Roll N' Set Mobile Performance Stage


Speed and Simplicity Rolled Into One

The SICO® Roll N' Set mobile folding performance stage is incredibly fast to set up and take down. An experienced crew of 4 can set a 64' x 40' stage in less than 30 minutes, (60 minutes with accessories package). The Roll N' Set Stage can be cleared in even less time. There is no deck lifting required since the decks store directly on each mobile frame - 128 sq. ft. (12 sq. m.) of stage per unit! Crew members can simply slide decks into place. Adjusting the stage height is a snap with SICO 's® exclusive Auto-Lift feature, which allows the stage height to be raised or lowered without removing any decks.

The Roll N' Set mobile folding performance stage also features universal pin connectors that are capable of 2, 3, or 4-way bridging. These connectors feature semi-flexible pins which expand to secure decks to frames. Additionally, all operational parts on the Roll N' Set Stage are painted a bright yellow for easy identification.

Easy to Store

Each Roll N' Set unit is quickly folded, and easily rolled to and from your storage area. We understand how important efficiency is when it comes to operating your facility, which is why a Roll N' Set Stage does not require separate deck pallets or storage caddies when not in use.

The Performance Promise

Protected by a 3-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds.

Roll N' Set Stage Choices

Roll N' Set stage frame is an 8' x 8' (244cm x 244cm) 4-way bridging system. Each frame holds 4 decks for storage.

Stage Unit Height Options
  1. 48" to 72" (122cm to 183cm) height stage unit.
  2. 42" to 60" (107cm to 153cm) height stage unit.
  3. 36" to 54" (92cm to 137cm) height stage unit.
  4. 39" to 62" (100cm to 160cm) height stage unit.
  5. 32" to 48" (81cm to 122cm) height stage unit.

NOTE: A Roll N' Set Pin Connector Kit is required with each frame unit.

Deck Choices

The SICO® Roll N' Set stage comes with reversible decks - a tremendous way to maximize the usage opportunities for your stage. Choose from three deck configurations:

  1. Long-wearing carpet surface and a scratch resistant Tuff-Deck smooth surface
  2. Long-wearing carpet surface on both sides
  3. Scratch resistant Tuff-Deck on both sides

Roll N' Set Features & Benefits

  • Reversible Decks ā€“ Sturdy reversible decks offer the flexibility to choose the best surface for each event. We offer both a long wearing carpet surface, or a scratch-resistant Tuff-Deck surface. Deck provides a very solid feel for your performers. Recommended for interior use.
  • Universal Flexible Pin Connectors (A SICO® Exclusive) - Secures decks to frame and eliminates the annoying "drumming" of decks. Capable of 2, 3 or 4-way bridging. They always remain in place and they allow any stage unit to work in any location. Adjust quickly for any configuration, which eliminates the need to remove decks to change pins. No lose parts or hole plugs.
  • Bridging Bars (A SICO® Exclusive) - Eliminates the need for a full frame on every other deck. Store directly on the frame.
  • Heavy-duty Swivel Casters - Non-marring casters roll easily while protecting floors.
  • Foot Pedals - These convenient foot pedals can easily raise the stage units onto rugged casters, so that the stage system can be relocated without disassembly.
  • Adjustable Glides - Adjustable glides level the stage on uneven floors and provide small height adjustments.
  • Release Lever - Folds up the stage.
  • Yellow Operational Parts - All operational parts are painted a bright yellow for easy identification.
  • Multi-Layer Deck Construction - 2-3/8" plywood sandwich/honeycomb core multi-layer construction. Lightweight and puncture resistant.
  • Corner Holes - Go all the way through the deck, making it easy to visually line up the flex pins on a frame.
  • Hook and Loop Fastener - Continuous fastener system on deck edges allows for quick and easy installation of stage skirting without any clips or pins.
  • 4 Decks Store On 1 Frame - Decks simply slide into place, saving wear and tear on your crew and your equipment. Decks are stored directly on the mobile folding frames so there is no lifting of decks.
  • Fast Set-Up Time - An experienced crew of 4 can set a 40' x 64' (12.2m x 19.5m) stage in less than 30 minutes, (60 minutes with accessories package) saving labor costs for many years. The Roll N' Set stage can be cleared in even less time.
  • Guardrails - Required for all stages and risers.
  • Efficient Design for Storage - Quickly fold, roll, and nest stage units for compact storage. No deck pallets or storage caddies are required, saving money and storage space. Stored units are also designed to accommodate forklifts.
  • SICO® Warranty - Protected by a 3-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds.

Optional Accessories

See accessories tab for a complete listing of Roll Nā€™ Set stage accessories.

  • Connectors - Optional connectors can be used to create seating riser configurations.
Everything for a Complete, Professional Stage

SICO offers everything necessary for complete, professional staging including crowd control barriers, step units, corner sections, chair and table stops, ADA ramps, and mobile stage caddies for moving draperies, guardrails, guardrail covers, stage backdrops and other stage accessories.

Roll N' Set Stage Surface Color Options

Each side of these venue maker stage reversible decks are available in one of twelve carpet colors or in a black scratch resistant Tuff-Deck surface.

Cayenne Charcoal Cloud Gray
Fern Bank Light Buff Metallic Blue
Onyx Roasted Almond

Instructional Video

Demonstration Video of SICO® Roll N' Set Stage

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