SICO® Tri-Height Stage


Built in 3-Height Versatility

SICO Tri-Height stage units adjust in 6" or 8" increments in two or three heights to provide maximum flexibility. Set-up a single level for performances, meeting-room stages, fashion runways, or head table settings. Set-up tiered configurations for seating or risers for musical performances. Reverse your decks easily to choose from carpet or Tuff-deck surfaces to create the perfect stage for each event.

One Person Set-up

The Tri-Height takes minimal effort to set-up. Each section of the Tri-Height mobile folding stage is designed to be handled by one person, keeping your staffing requirements and labor costs to a minimum. The stage is easy to fold, and changing heights is simple with our automatic "Lock and Pin Mechanism" system. Tri-Height stages adjust in 6-inch (15 cm) or 8" (20cm) increments.

Each stage unit rolls into the desired position, and when in use, rests on 8 sturdy, load-bearing stage legs.

The Added Flexibility Of A Reversible Deck

Choose your deck surface by using our exclusive SICO® pop-up deck feature — this may be done without dismantling your stage set-up. There are no buttons, latches, cables, or ropes to bother with when setting up your Tri-Height stage.

The Performance Promise

Protected by a 3-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds.


Tri-height Stage Decks

Reversible stage decks are available in your choice of carpet or tuff-deck surface treatment. Choose from a 4'x8' (122cm x 244cm) or 6'x8' (183cm x 244cm) sized structural deck.

Tri-height Stage Heights

SICO® Tri-height stages come in both dual and tri-height options. Choose from the following different heights:

2 Height Adjustability 3 Height Adjustability
12"/18" (30/46 cm) 18"/24"/30" (45/61/76 cm)
24"/30"/36" (61/76/91 cm)
30"/36"/42" (76/91/106 cm)
Deck Choices

The SICO® Tri-Height stage comes with reversible decks - a tremendous way to maximize the usage opportunities for your stage. Choose from two deck configurations:

  1. Long-wearing carpet surface and a scratch resistant Tuff-Deck smooth surface
  2. Scratch resistant Tuff-Deck on both sides

Tri-Height Features & Benefits

Tri-Height stages are designed to meet or exceed industry standards.

Tri-Height Stage Features and Benefits

  • Over-center Locking Mechanism (A SICO® Exclusive) - Keeps unit and legs locked safely into place during transport.
  • Reversible Pop-up Deck - Two stages in one with your choice of carpet and/or Tuff-Deck on either side. Spring Pop-up assists in deck reversal without dismantling a stage set-up. The pop-up spring feature combined with 4-bolt assembly makes it easy to reverse decks using only a conventional allen wrench.
  • Compact Self-contained Unit - Designed to be set up and stored by one person, resulting in reduced labor costs. No need for expensive carts.
  • Tiered Riser Unit-to-unit Connector - Provides firm positive unit-to-unit locking when stages are at different heights. Overlapping of decks in the riser set-up eliminates the possibility of chair legs sliding through. No additional chairstop required.
  • Unit-to-unit Connector - This easy to use, permanently attached device holds 2 stage units together. The stage sections lock positively together with unit-to-unit connectors when units are at the same heights. No cords, VELCRO, or tape are necessary to hold stages in place.
  • Load-bearing Stage Legs – Wheels convert to set-up position on strong and stable legs, providing 8 solid points of contact.
  • Heavy-Duty Wheels - Non, marring 5" (13cm) rubber wheels protect floors, and are designed for long term life. No heavy sections to lift or carry. Eliminates the need for purchase of a cart.
  • Lock and Pin Mechanism - Adjusts in 6" (15cm) increments.
  • Hook and Loop Fastener - Placed around the perimeter of stage for easy drape attachment.
  • Two or Three Height Adjustments - Units adjust in 6" (15cm) increments.
  • Rigid One Piece Unitized 14 Gauge Steel Frame - Designed to support deck loads of up to 125lbs. (57kg) per square foot. Frame allows the deck to spread the weight evenly. The decks nest firmly within the frames.
  • Guardrails - Provide an added safety feature and are required for use with all SICO® stages and risers.
  • SICO® Warranty - Protected by a 3-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds.
Everything for a Complete, Professional Stage

SICO® offers everything you need to complete your staging package. Choose from the following list of accessories:

Tri-Height Stage Surface Color Options

Each side of these venue maker stage reversible decks are available in one of twelve carpet colors or in a black scratch resistant Tuff-Deck surface.

Cayenne Charcoal Cloud Gray
Fern Bank Light Buff Metallic Blue
Onyx Roasted Almond

Instructional Video

Demonstration Video of SICO® Tri-Height Stage

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