Folding Leg Stage & Riser


A Performance Stage or Tiered Risers in One System

The SICO® Folding Leg Stage system offers extreme flexibility in one easy to use package. It can be set as a performance stage or tiered risers for seating riser choral or instrumental performances. This system offers a wide range of heights and the stage units can be locked together either at the same height or in tiered configurations. Your facility can choose a standard folding leg variable terrain (VT) stage system for interior use, or a VT system built for outdoor use that features sealed decks, zinc coated legs, and skid guard (a tough, UV stable deck surface).

Proven Performance History

The SICO® folding leg stage system is very strong, stable and has a proven performance history. The one-piece steel unitized deck frame means, that whatever the configuration, your SICO® stage will provide a very long service life!

Quick Locking System

Whether in a riser assembly or in a stage configuration, metal unit-to-unit Roto-locks quickly lock units securely in the proper alignment. Gravity slide pin locks on the legs work two ways - holding legs locked when opened for use, and locking legs inside the frame when stored. To adjust the legs, simply pull the yellow action handles and move the leg to the desired height.

The Performance Promise

Protected by a 3-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds.

NOTE: Guardrails provide an added safety feature and are required for use with all SICO® stages and risers.

Folding Leg Stage Unit Choices

The SICO® Folding Leg System is a portable venue maker structural deck used with your choice of three different leg assemblies.


Choose from (4) structural stage decks:

  1. 3' x 8' (91cm x 244cm) stage deck.
  2. 4' x 8' (122cm x 244cm) stage deck.
  3. 3' x 8' (91cm x 244cm) bridge units.
  4. 4' x 8' (122cm x 244cm) bridge units.

Bridge units are used for 2-way bridging of H-Leg or insertable leg units. Custom deck sizes also available.


Choose from (3) stage legs:

H-Leg Units Variable Terrain Units Insertable Legs
1. Adjustable H-Legs 2. Adjustable Variable Terrain Legs 3. Insertable Legs
  1. Adjustable H-Leg Units - These units set up fast offering quick assembly for level surfaces with uneven floors. Adjustable leg glides offer small height adjustments to level deck frames on uneven floors. Custom sizes are also available.

    Multiple Height Adjustability

    1. 24"-32" (61cm - 81cm) heights. Glides raise to 36" (91cm).
    2. 32"-48" (81cm - 122cm). Glides raise to 52" (132cm).
    3. 48"-80" (122cm - 203cm). Glides raise to 84" (213cm).

    Single Height

    1. 8" (20cm).
    2. 16" (40cm).
    3. 24" (61cm).
  2. Variable Terrain (VT) Leg Units - These units come with individual adjustable legs for very uneven indoor-outdoor terrain. Application usage for hockey dashers, hills, stair steps etc. Zinc-plated frame and leg finish is applied for exterior use. Adjustable Variable Terrain Legs range from 32" - 72" high. Custom sizes also available.
  3. Insertable Leg Units A simple solution for additional heights. These single height leg units come in 6" (15cm), 8" (20cm), 12" (30cm), 16" (41cm), 18" (45cm), 20" (50cm), 24" (61cm), 28" (71cm), and 30" (76cm) sizes. Leg inserts can be easily used on folding leg units with or without adjustable H-legs or VT legs already attached. Bridge decks also accept insertable legs to create additional height options.

Folding Leg Stage Features & Benefits

SICO Folding Leg System with H-Leg Units Illustrated.

  • Deck Surfaces - Compliment your deck surface with long wearing carpet or a durable scratch resistant Tuff-deck.
  • Gravity Slide-pin Locks - Work two ways, holding legs locked when opened for use and locking legs inside the frame when stored.
  • Unit-to-unit Roto-Locks – Quick Locking Action - Roto-locks allow decks to quickly lock together, whether in a riser assembly or in a stage configuration. Metal unit-to-unit locks quickly lock tiered units in the proper alignment. Configure Roto-locks for use on all sides of stage or ends only.
  • Adjustable Glides – Allow for leveling stage units on uneven floors. Non-marring glide surface protects your floors.
  • VELCRO - Decks have continuous VELCRO for quick drapery attachment. Configure VELCRO for use on all sides of stage or ends only.
  • Operational Yellow Handles – Marked in yellow for easy identification. Simply pull yellow handles to adjust height.
  • Bridge Units - Slide into channels built into the frame for unit-to-unit connection.
  • H-Leg Units - Allow for raising and lowering of stage heights.
  • Strong Unitized Steel Frame – Adds strength, stability and provides a long service life.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use - Built for interior usage or have customized for outdoor use with skidguard deck sealant and zinc coated legs to protect from the outdoor elements.
Everything for a Complete, Professional Stage

SICO offers everything necessary for complete, professional staging including crowd control barriers, step units, corner sections, chair and table stops, ADA ramps, and mobile stage caddies for moving stage frames, draperies, guardrails, guardrail covers, stage backdrops and other stage accessories.

Variable Terrain Stage Surface Color Options

Stage decks are available in one of twelve carpet colors or in a black scratch resistant Tuff-Deck surface.

Cayenne Charcoal Cloud Gray
Fern Bank Light Buff Metallic Blue
Onyx Roasted Almond

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