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X-Press Stage System


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Choral/Instrumental Riser Planner

This helpful booklet features riser set drawings, set dimensions, and group capacity charts to assist you in the ordering process.





Easy on the Budget

This affordable option is a great choice for use as a portable stage or tiered riser system and is popular with schools, churches, rental, and community center facilities.

SICO Insertable Leg Stage System

Easy to Handle

The SICO X-PRESS STAGE® is a sturdy stage or riser system designed to be light-weight and easily transported from one application to another. This unique staging system is set-up in a snap by simply unfolding and positioning the frame, then laying the deck into place. The frame automatically assumes the correct position for attaching the deck. Heights are easily set with an adjustable "pull pin". The SICO® deck is positively secured to the frame with a "Flex-Pin" connector.

Easy to Store and Transport

For efficient transport and storage SICO® has designed Mobile Storage Caddies to hold your staging units when not in use. Each caddie holds up to 8 decks and frames, or 256 sq. ft. (24 sq. M) of staging. This is a great way to store your units and cut down on trips to and from the performance area.

The Performance Promise

Protected by a 3-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds.


Rectangular Stage Decks

Each Rectangular SICO X-PRESS STAGE® deck section is constructed to be strong, light-weight, and quiet. Stage decks integrate a special resin impregnated honeycomb core that creates a solid edge.

Your choice of 3’x 8’ and 4’x 8’ sizes.

Stage Support Frames

Each SICO X-PRESS STAGE® deck is held in place by support frames that are available in 6" to 32" heights:

  1. 6"
  2. 12"
  3. 18"-24"
  4. 24"-36"
  5. 8"
  6. 16"
  7. 24"-32"
  8. 32"

Tiered "pie shape" decks and support frame sections that allow curved configurations are also available.

Optional Reversible Structural Stage Decks

Reversible decks offer a tremendous way to maximize the usage opportunities for your stage. Reversible structural decks can be surfaced with our standard "Tuff Deck", carpet or reversible Tuff-Deck/Carpet surface choices.

Features & Benefits

X-Press Stage Features and Benefits

  • Structual Deck - A light-weight, quiet deck with strength to support 125lbs. (57kg.) per square foot. This stage has an optional reversible deck that gives you the ability to choose the appropriate surface for different events. Choose between a black "Tuff Deck" surface, or a choice of carpet colors.
    1. The 3' x 8' (92cm x 243cm) deck weighs only 84 lbs. (38 kg).
    2. The 4' x 8' (122cm x 244cm) deck weighs only 96 lbs. (44 kg.).
  • Expanding Flex Pin Connector (A SICO® Exclusive) - At the base of each flex pin, this rubber gasket expands to secure the deck tightly to the frame.
  • Nylon Snap Action Locks - Yellow unit-to-unit connectors are designed to hold frames together. Deck sections lock easily and securely together with snap-action locks. Each snap-action lock has two positions that can accommodate a stage or riser set-up.
  • Adjustable Height Pull PinsAdjustable Height Pull Pins - Adjust your stage height easily with these pull pins. Decks lock down on frame for solid feel and performance. Available in a variety of heights.
  • Glides - Glides adjust to accommodate for uneven surfaces. Glide surface is designed to protect the floor.
  • Light-weight Frame - Easy to carry and set up by two people, and when opened, automatically assumes the position to receive the deck. The frame is constructed of 14-gauge steel tubing for added strength and long lasting use.
    1. The 3' x 8' (91cm x 244cm) lightweight frame weighs only 67 lbs. (30 kg.).
    2. The 4' x 8' (122cm x 244cm) lightweight frame weighs only 70 lbs. (32 kg.).
  • Folding Compact Frame - Uses limited storage space.
  • Pin to Deck Attachment - Reduces noice and bounce while increasing the stability of the entire system.
  • Sway Load Supports 10% or 200 lbs (91kg.) per sq. ft. uniform vertical load.
  • Easy Assembly - Easy to handle and set-up. Deck frame unfolds and automatically assumes the correct position to attach deck.
  • Protected by a 3-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Lifetime Warranty on welds.
Everything for a Complete, Professional Stage

SICO® offers everything necessary for complete, professional staging including crowd control barriers, step units, corner sections, chair and table stops, ADA ramps, and mobile stage caddies for easy mobility and storage of stage frames, decks, draperies, guardrails, guardrail covers, stage backdrops and other stage accessories.

  • Recommended Storage CaddieRecommended Storage Caddie - This essential accessory makes it easy to store and transport up to 8 decks and frames, or 256 sq. ft. (24 sq.M) of staging. Transport all your stage accessories like storage posts for chair/table stops, guardrails, draperies and enclosure panels easily with special built caddies.
  • Guardrails - Provide an added safety feature and are required for use with all SICO® stages and risers.
  • Corner Stage Deck SectionCorner Stage Deck Section - Customize for stage and riser layout with usage of corner deck pieces.

Color Options

Stage Frame/Leg Options

SICO X-PRESS STAGE® legs and frames have a black powdercoat finish.

Stage Deck Surface Options

Your choice of a standard one-sided or an optional reversible two-sided deck surface — a tremendous way to maximize the usage opportunities for your stage.

A) Standard Stage Deck Surface - Standard stage decks are available in one of twelve carpet colors or in a scratch resistant black Tuff-Deck surface.

B) Optional Reversible Stage Deck Surface - Choose one of three deck configurations.

  • Long-wearing carpet surface on one side and a scratch resistant Tuff-Deck smooth surface on the other. (Recommended)
  • Long-wearing carpet surface on both sides.
  • Scratch resistant Tuff-Deck on both sides.
Cayenne Charcoal Cloud Gray
Fern Bank Light Buff Metallic Blue
Onyx Roasted Almond

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