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Case Studies: Convention Centers, Stadiums & Arenas

Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC)

“The Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) provides an empowering setting for every event, from a board meeting to an international convention, a learning-based seminar, an exhibition or an orchestral concert. It is a place of connection, where culture, business and education intersect and thrive.”

With a total venue area of 200,000 square meters, the QNCC is able to cater to a wide variety of conferences, meetings, exhibitions, performances, concerts and gala events. With SICO® equipments being mobile and quickly moved from one area of the venue to another without the need for fork trucks, we were the best option for supplying for them.

From SICO®, they have selected the following:

  • Tri-height Stage Units & Accessories
  • Venue Maker Roll N St Stage Units
  • Universal Step units
  • Universal Ramps System
  • Crown Barriers
  • 2 Tier Catering Tables
  • Choral Risers
  • Room Service Table
  • Hot Boxes
  • Sophisticate Plus Tables
  • CamLam Portable Dance Floors
  • Socializer Tables
Manchester Arena

SICO® stages aid Manchester Arena to become busiest in the world.

Since opening in 1995 Manchester Arena has been using the SICO® ‘Roll n’ Set’ stage system for its 21,000-capacity venue. Now attracting more than one million visitors per year, the venue is one of the busiest in the world and the largest indoor arena in Europe.

‘Thanks to the simplicity and flexibility of the SICO® stage system we are able to offer our customers virtually any configuration of stage they require, including runways, side wings and height variations,’ commented John Clarkson, Senior Event Technician. ‘The key benefit to us is the system’s versatility and the speed of set-up; 6 staff can set up a complete 60’ x 40’ stage from scratch in just two hours. This enables us to book events back to back, meaning we can maximise our efficiency, profitability and can offer our clients a wide range of production slots,’ he continued.

Baltimore Convention Center

With a convention center that now takes up two city blocks, Baltimore needed equipment that could easily and quickly be moved from one end of the center to the other. That’s why they chose SICO®.

Baltimore’s equipment selection allows them to set up in hundreds of equipment combinations. The Center has the major equipment to handle both large events and multiple smaller events without sacrificing on meeting customer needs or on having to go out and secure extra equipment in busy times. Since all of the SICO® equipment is mobile, it can be quickly moved from one area of the venue to another without the need for fork trucks.

“We’re very please with our SICO® equipment,” says Peggy Daidakis, Executive Director of the Center. “It is quality equipment that helps us make a quick turn-around between events.”

From SICO®, they selected:

  • Venue Maker Performance Stages
  • Tri-Height Meeting Room Stages
  • Starlight Portable Dance Floors
  • Mobile Folding Banquet Tables
  • Mobile Catering Tables

When the original section of the Baltimore Convention Center was opened eighteen years ago, 250 of SICO’s® mobile folding banquet tables were selected to meet the facility’s needs. With the expansion, another 800 SICO® tables were added. The Center’s staff appreciates the design concept where each table has its own wheels and may be rolled anywhere it is needed. Unlike folding leg tables, these tables’ edges never touch the floor. The edges stay clean and look good throughout the life of the table.

Los Angeles Convention Center

The Los Angeles Convention Center uses Roll N’ Set stages to make quick event changes while keeping labor for such changes to a minimum. With such a huge facility, and often times multiple events occurring at once, the Los Angeles Convention center needed a staging system that could be set up and taken down fast. The crew that sets the stage is often also needed in other areas at the same time, so the time they take setting a stage is critical. To meet their time constraints, the Center chose the SICO® Roll N’ Set System.

The Los Angeles Convention Center management reports the staging system has reduced set up and take down times by two-thirds, while requiring a minimum of people to handle the equipment. Due to the efficiency of the system, the savings in labor costs are significant.

Cobb Galleria Centre

The Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, GA has 300,000 square feet of convention and trade show space, an elegant 25,000 square foot ballroom, twenty meeting rooms, four executive boardrooms and 24,000 square feet of pre-function space.

The Cobb Galleria Centre chose SICO® Roll N’ Set stages to get the quick turn around they wanted between events. “SICO stages give us speed and versatility” says Mark Zimmerman, Operations Manager. “We can easily handle the many events we already have booked, plus future events we expect to attract.”

Roll N’ Set stages offered speed and versatility, being unique in their ability to allow a very quick conversion of the facility from one event to another. With the reversible decks, the Roll N’ Set stages offered two surface types to accommodate the wide needs of the Centre. All the extra touches that made the setup complete included SICO® stage ramps, stage guardrails, and draperies.