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Nested Buffet Sets

Versatile, durable and space saving makes the Nested Buffet Table Sets the perfect choice for the Food & Beverage industry. Nested Buffet Table Sets are easy to configure and with the option of bridging one table to another, gives endless possibilities for buffet layouts. When not in use, the tables are easily nested and space can be freed up in minutes. Each set of tables features heavy duty locking castors, removable 10mm tempered glass tops with stainless steel flange to secure in place plus optional front and side panels and height adjustable frames are also available. The range is available in Rectangle, Round or Square options.

SBU 2006A Length:196cm, Width:80cm, Height 90cm
SBU 2006B Length:180cm, Width: 80cm, Height 81cm
SBU 2006C Length: 80cm, Width: 80cm Height 72cm.
Full set includes: 1 x Large Buffet table, 1 x Meduim buffet table and 2 x Small Buffet Tables

SBU 2001 set of 4 Rectangular Buffet Tables:
SBU 2001A: Length:168cm, Width:85cm, Height 90cm
SBU 2001B: Length:158cm, Width: 80cm, Height 95cm
SBU 2001C: Length: 148cm, Width:75cm, Height 80cm
SBU 2001D: Length: 138cm, Width:70cm, Height 75cm.

SBU 2002 set of 3 Round Buffet Tables:
SBU 2002A Diameter 90cm, Height 90cm
SBU 2002b Diameter 70cm, Height 80cm
SBU 2002C Diameter 50cm, Height 70cm

SBU 2003 set of 3 Square Buffet Tables:
SBU 2003A: Length:90cm, Width:90cm, Height 90cm
SBU 2003B: Length:80cm, Width: 80cm, Height 80cm
SBU 2003C: Length: 70cm, Width:70cm, Height 70cm

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