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Roll N’ Set Mobile Performance Stage

Speed and Simplicity Rolled Into Our Mobile Stages

The SICO® Roll N' Set Mobile Stages are amazingly fast to set up and take down. An experienced crew of four can construct a huge 64' x 40' stage in less than 30 minutes (or 60 minutes with an accessories package) — and it can be cleared in even less time! Plus, there is no deck lifting required since the decks store directly on each mobile frame — for 128 sq. ft. (12 sq. m.) of stage per unit. Crew members can simply slide decks into place. And, adjusting the stage height is a snap with our exclusive Auto-Lift feature, which allows the stage height to be raised or lowered without removing any decks.

This innovative performance stage also features universal pin connectors that are capable of 2, 3, or 4-way bridging. The semi-flexible pins easily expand to secure decks to frames. And, all operational parts on the Roll N' Set Stage are painted a bright yellow for easy identification.

Quick Folding and Easy Storage

Each Roll N' Set unit is designed to fold effortlessly and easily roll to and from your storage area — with no need for separate deck pallets or storage caddies. Just one more way the Roll N' Set Stage maximizes your efficiencies!

Reversible Decks with Multiple Surface Options

The SICO® Roll N' Set stage comes with reversible decks, which offer a tremendous way to optimize usage across a variety of applications. Choose from three deck configurations: 1) Long-wearing carpet surface and a scratch-resistant Tuff-Deck smooth surface, OR 2) Long-wearing carpet surface on both sides, OR 3) Scratch-resistant Tuff-Deck on both sides.

Roll-N-Set Stage Dimensions (PDF)

Deck Dimensions
8′ x 8′ (244 cm x 244 cm) 4-way bridging system.

Height Options
48″ to 72″ (122 cm to 183 cm)
42″ to 60″ (107 cm to 153 cm)
36″ to 54″ (92 cm to 137 cm)
39″ to 62″ (100 cm to 160 cm)
32″ to 48″ (81 cm to 122 cm)

Chair/Table Stops
Available in 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 feet widths. All steel construction.

Single Length Drapes come in standard lengths of: 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 40 inches.
Multi-Length Drapes come in standard lengths of: 12″-18″, 16″-24″, 16″-32″, 18″-24″-30″, 24″-30″-36″, 24″-32″, 24″-32″-40″, 30″-36″-42″, 32″-40″, 32″-40″-48″, 32″-48″, 36″-54″, 42-60″, 48″-56″-64″-72″ and 48″-72″.

Width: 4′ (122 cm); Incline: 1″ per foot (8.3 cm)

Standard widths of 3′, 4′, 6′ and 8′; Standard heights are 28″ and 42″. Additional sizes are available if required.

Stage Steps
Stage steps allow access to stages from ground level. Articulating or fixed units available in multiple step configurations. See spec sheets for details.

Guardrail Covers
Guardrail covers help bring the audiences attention to the staging area while concealing objects located behind the stage. Guardrail covers can be professionally imprinted with the logo of your facility or your frequent customers. Available in the following standard sizes:
3′ W x 42″ L
4′ W x 42″ L
6′ W x 42″ L
8′ W x 42″ L
2’9″ W x 42″ L

Stage Backdrops
When you want to add a finishing touch, accent the aesthetic, or shield the performers until curtain-time… a SICO® backdrop is the practical solution. They give the unit a very finished, professional look.

Backdrop Drapes
4′ W x 10′ L
6′ W x 10′ L
8′ W x 10′ L
4′ W x 12′ L
6′ W x 12′ L
8′ W x 12′ L

Stage Transport Caddies
We offer transport caddies for easy mobility with all our portable stages.