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Transforming Spaces to Enhance Work, Learning and Living

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At the heart of every establishment in the Education, Hospitality, and Convention Centers, Stadiums, & Arenas markets lies the need for impeccable furnishing— a need SICO has been fulfilling since 1951.

Our journey began with a simple premise: to equip spaces with furniture and equipment that not only stand the test of time but also effortlessly adapt to the ebb and flow of daily demands. Our products are designed for mobility, ensuring easy set-up, tear-down, and the ability to transform spaces to cater to varying event needs. Over the decades, this combined commitment to quality and flexibility has positioned us as a global trusted partner, adept at turning ordinary spaces into multifunctional and remarkable environments.


Our Mission & Vision


To provide value-added innovative solutions enabling our customer to transform and better use their space.


The trusted go-to company.

Core Values

SICO® employees will demonstrate the appropriate cultural ethics while adhering to our Core Values when performing the activities of the business.

Integrity – The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
Commitment to Excellence – The passionate belief and intense pride in everything we do
Teamwork – The process of working collaboratively to achieve a common goal
Communication – We are stronger when we listen and smarter when we share


SICO’s Sustainability

At SICO, we’re not just about transforming spaces; we’re also deeply committed to preserving the one space we all share –Earth. By intertwining our love for design with an unwavering dedication to the environment, we ensure our solutions are as kind to the planet as they are functional. From sourcing materials to refining eco-conscious manufacturing methods. Discover how, at SICO, innovative design and sustainability go hand in hand.

Company Teams



SICO America Team


At the heart of SICO lies a team of dedicated professionals, each bringing a unique blend of expertise, passion, and commitment to our mission. The SICO America Team represents the very best in the industry, ensuring that every product we deliver and every interaction we have exceeds the expectations of our clients. Together, we are driven by a shared vision of transforming spaces and creating lasting impressions.


SICO Executive Team

Meet the driving force behind SICO’s innovative spirit: our Executive Team. This dynamic group, rich with diverse experiences and backgrounds, has a knack for marrying tradition with modernity. They’re not just about crafting top-notch furniture and equipment; they’re passionate about the stories these pieces help create in every space they inhabit. Whether it’s fostering a memorable learning environment or elevating a hotel guest’s experience, their combined expertise ensures that at SICO, we’re always a step ahead in understanding and meeting your needs.


Sales Team

The face of SICO in many ways, our sales force stands apart. Equipped with deep industry expertise, they’re more than just representatives. They’re consultants, dedicated to understanding each customer’s requirements and offering tailored recommendations. They carry the torch of SICO’s legacy, ensuring our unparalleled expertise is translated into tangible solutions for our clients.


Customer Care Team

A testament to our commitment to going above and beyond, our Customer Care Team ensures that our relationship with clients extends beyond the point of sale. Their focus: provide accurate information, offer comprehensive after-market service and support, and always ensure clear, transparent communication.


SICO Inc. Team

Navigating SICO’s rich heritage while spearheading its path to modern innovations, our SICO Inc. Team stands as the backbone of our operations. This assembly of dedicated professionals, each with their unique journey and skillset, champions our brand’s vision and ethos across the world stage. Their unified objective? To uphold the SICO promise of quality, adaptability, and trust that our clients around the globe have come to rely on. Discover more about the visionaries behind SICO’s success.



From our roots in Minnesota, USA to our business units across the globe, SICO’s presence is widespread, reflecting our expansive vision. Our locations span from Singapore to Spain, each carrying forward our mission of revolutionizing spaces.


Contact SICO

We’re always eager to hear from you. Whether you’re seeking solutions, need support, or simply want to learn more about our offerings, our doors—and lines—are always open. Connect with us and let’s craft spaces that not only inspire but leave an undeniable mark.

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