Centrally located in Bengaluru city in Karnataka, India the Neev Academy is an esteemed international school built on providing world class modern education to primary, middle and high school students.

Within its state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructures are two major campuses the academy includes a cafeteria which utilized traditional non-folding furniture. Staff were faced with delays in moving tables and chairs in out of use, regular floor cleaning and the overall aesthetic look of the furniture which did not meet the required ambience of the space. SICO® was able to provide the perfect solution in a range of SICO® BY-65 Bench Tables, TSU Tables and Oval Graduate Tables.

Initially the project was specified for a small number of tables however once the tables were installed and proved how easily the space was transformed the decision was made to replace all of the remaining non-folding traditional tables with SICO® Mobile Folding Cafeteria tables which ultimately allowed the campus to different age group of students with seat multi-height seats/benches.