Steve Thompson, maintenance director for the Oroville, Washington school district had contacted a SICO® dealer because he was interested in purchasing our current BY-65 cafeteria tables, to replace the district’s existing SICO® tables…from 1957. That’s right – 1957!

The district had still been using our Eisenhower-era tables until recently, when its superintendent purchased used cafeteria tables, made by another manufacturer, from a neighboring school district. The maintenance staff quickly realized that the nearly 60-year-old SICO® tables looked and performed better than the 10-year-old tables made by the competitor. That is why later, when they were in a position to order new cafeteria tables, they contacted SICO®. Not to mention the fact that the maintenance director and virtually all of the district staff sat at the old SICO® tables for lunch when they were kids – so our tables carried a lot of sentimental value, too!

When provided an estimate for new stylish and reliable SICO® tables, the maintenance director calculated his return on investment – based on an extremely long usage life. He quickly realized that the SICO® BY-65 tables were “a steal.”