SICO® were contacted by Karen Colwill, New Build Project Manager of The Bay C of E Primary School, Isle of Wight, who was looking to source dining furniture that would allow the dining hall to be used for a multitude of uses.

Like many primary schools the space not only serves as a dining hall but also facilitates breakfast and after school clubs, school assemblies, PE and Parents Evenings.

The school had a clear agenda, the new dining furniture would have to be quick and easy to set up and pack away but more importantly would need to store more compactly in the one store cupboard that would house not only the furniture but PE and cleaning equipment.

Our school purchased SICO® table seating units for our new build in September 2013. One of the reasons for the purchase was the fact that within our new build our storage cupboard was smaller than we were used to and the SICO® units seemed the perfect solution to our problems.