FLEXtable Meeting Room Table

FLEXtable Meeting Room Table

The sleek and modern FLEXtable Meeting Room Tables are aesthetically pleasing furniture pieces designed with functionality and durability to withstand the demands of commercial environments. These linenless meeting and conference room tables offer years of long-lasting service and elevate your guest’s experiences.  They are available in various sizes and finishes to match any décor.    

Maximizing Storage – With a thinner profile, the FLEXtable saves up to 40% of storage space compared to other folding leg tables.   

Elegant and Elevated – No linens needed. Designed with an elegant furniture appeal and commercial ruggedness, the FLEXtable will complement any facility while offering years of long-lasting service.  

Durability of Commercial Furniture – Constructed from aluminum and steel with a conference-style leg, the FLEXtable ensures longevity and endurance with its daily use in high traffic environments.

Product Specifications


Size- Leaf Raised: 72” x 30” (183x76cm)
Size- Leaf Lowered: 72” x 18” (183x46cm)
Weight: 61 lbs. (28kg)

Size- Leaf Raised: 72” x 36” (183x91cm)
Size- Leaf Lowered: 72” x 24” (183x61cm)
Weight: 72 lbs. (33kg)

Size- Leaf Raised: 96” x 30” (244x76cm)
Size- Leaf Lowered: 96” x 18” (244x46cm)
Weight: 79 lbs. (36kg)

Size- Leaf Raised: 96” x 36” (244x91cm)
Size- Leaf Lowered: 96” x 24” (244x61cm)
Weight: 88 lbs. (40kg)

Height- All Tables: 30” (76cm)


Small Caddy: 72” (183cm) Tables
Capacity: 18 Tables

Large Caddy: 96” (244cm) Tables
Capacity: 18 Tables

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