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Ascension® Portable Wheelchair Lifts

Ascension® Portable Wheelchair Lifts are modular, mobile units that set up quickly and easily for safe, attractive, and quiet wheelchair access to staging and platforms. SICO South Pacific is the exclusive distributor for Ascension® products throughout Australia and New Zealand. For the full list of existing installations within Schools, Universities, Convention Centres and other venues contact our team today.

Easy Stage Access

Whether it’s getting guests and personnel up on the stage, or providing events access, the Ascension® Portable Wheelchair Lift is often the ideal choice for stage accessibility. Providing floor-level entry and exit means that there is no need for additional space to accommodate ramps or fixed lift options. This feature is especially attractive to historic properties that must provide accessibility without altering or damaging the location.

Delivered Ready to Roll

Ascension® Portable Wheelchair arrive fully-assembled and ready to use. They are designed such that they can be wheeled from storage out into place and setup by one person in as little as 10-minutes. A standard power point is required to operate the lift when in place.

Two Models To Choose From

Choose from two unique models to suit your venues requirements.

Power Requirements
Standard 240V power outlet.

Protégé Model
Vertical Travel: 10cm to 106cm ( 4″ to 42″ )
Capacity: 408kgs (900 lbs.)
Lift Footprint: 122cm wide x 155cm long (48″ wide x 61″ long)

Virtuoso Model
Vertical Travel: 30cm to 153cm (12″ to 60″)
Capacity: 340kgs (750 lbs.)
Lift Footprint: 122cm wide x 168cm long (48″ wide x 66″ long)