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Enriched Dining Solutions

The services and products developed to create the Enriched Dining Experience give k-12 schools and Food Service Directors the opportunity to create exciting and engaging dining spaces that attract students, boost school spirit and increase profitability.

The Process is Simple!

  1. Facility Assessment
  2. Design Consultation
  3. Approval
  4. Installation


Enriched Dining Brochure

ED Cafeteria Reimagined

Portfolio- Education

Portfolio- Convention Centers, Stadiums & Arenas

Video – Before, Design and After

Free Interior Design Consultation

A Diverse Product Line

A Diverse Product Line

Turnkey Installation

Turnkey Installation

A diverse product line of dining tables, booths, chairs, signage, trash receptacles and serving line accessories offered in a wide variety of finish options providing an endless array of creative options.

Increase Profitability

Successfully compete with other off campus & vending options.
Increase revenue year-over-year.

Improve Experience

Student participation increases. Better traffic flow, which means shorter, faster lines. Exceed guests’ expectations with a design that rivals their favorite restaurants.

Boost School Spirit

Improve participation, behavior and performance. Increased community visibility while nurturing school pride and staff morale..

Create Flexibility

Dining and commons areas require mobile furniture solutions that create multifunctional spaces.