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Room Service Table Guide

SICO® Room Service Table Guide — Delivering room service tables just became easier! 

  • Complete kit provided to retrofit your existing inventory.
  • Fast, easy installation.
  • Rotate into the use position. Handle automatically locks into place. Slide handle slightly to the right to release.
  • Allows ergonomically correct method to transport room service tables.
  • Guiding table while standing straight allows for eye contact with, and greeting of guests.
  • Reduces spillage and broken bottles/glass while en route to the guest’s room. This saves time and cost.
  • Makes maneuvering in and out of doorways and elevators, around beds and other furniture easier. More easily spot obstacles on floors and un-level doorways.
  • Better visibility keeps hands and knuckles from getting hit or scratched passing through narrow doorways.
  • Move heavier loads with ease.
  • Reduces delivery time.

Height from Floor: 107cm (42”)
Handle Width: 30cm (12”)
Weight: 2kg (5 lbs.)