With a convention center that now takes up two city blocks, Baltimore needed equipment that could easily and quickly be moved from one end of the center to the other. That’s why they chose SICO®.

Baltimore’s equipment selection allows them to set up in hundreds of equipment combinations. The Center has the major equipment to handle both large events and multiple smaller events without sacrificing on meeting customer needs or on having to go out and secure extra equipment in busy times. Since all of the SICO® equipment is mobile, it can be quickly moved from one area of the venue to another without the need for fork trucks.

“We’re very please with our SICO® equipment,” says Peggy Daidakis, Executive Director of the Center. “It is quality equipment that helps us make a quick turn-around between events.”

From SICO®, they selected:

When the original section of the Baltimore Convention Center was opened eighteen years ago, 250 of SICO’s® mobile folding banquet tables were selected to meet the facility’s needs. With the expansion, another 800 SICO® tables were added. The Center’s staff appreciates the design concept where each table has its own wheels and may be rolled anywhere it is needed. Unlike folding leg tables, these tables’ edges never touch the floor. The edges stay clean and look good throughout the life of the table.