Tri-Height Stage

Tri-Height Stage

Mobile Stage with Three Height Options, Endless Versatility

SICO® Tri-Height Mobile Stage units conveniently adjust in 6″ or 8″ increments and in two or three heights for maximum built-in flexibility. You can set up a single level for performances, meeting-room stages, fashion runways, or head table settings. Or go with tiered configurations for seating or risers for musical performances.

Easy and Safe Setup – One Person Set-up Saves Labor

Each section of our mobile, folding Tri-Height Stage is designed to be handled by one person, keeping your staffing requirements and labor costs to a minimum. The stage is easy to fold, and changing heights is simple with our automatic Lock and Pin Mechanism system. Each Tri-Height stage adjusts in convenient 6-inch (15 cm) or 8″ (20 cm) increments — so you can create the exact height and configuration each performance demands. Plus, each stage unit rolls into the desired position and, when in use, rests on eight sturdy, load-bearing stage legs for ultimate stability and safety.

The Added Flexibility Of A Reversible Portable Decks

Our advanced Tri-Height Mobile Stage features innovative reversible decks, making it easy for you to maximize the usage opportunities for your stage. Choose from two deck configurations:

    1. 1) Long-wearing carpet surface and a scratch resistant Tuff-Deck smooth surface
    1. 2) Scratch resistant Tuff-Deck on both sides

And, with the exclusive SICO® pop-up deck feature, you can choose a different deck surface without dismantling your stage set-up! There are no buttons, latches, cables, or ropes to hassle with — it sets up in seconds!

Product Specifications

Deck Dimensions
4′ x 8′ (122 cm x 244 cm) or 6′ x 8′ (183 cm x 244 cm)

2 Height Adjustability
Height: 12″/18″ (30/46 cm), 16″/24″ (41/61 cm)

3 Height Adjustability
Height: 18″/24″/30″ (45/61/76 cm), 24″/30″/36″ (61/76/91 cm), and 30″/36″/42″ (76/91/106 cm)


Chair/Table Stops Available in 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 feet widths. All steel construction.

Drapes Single Length Drapes come in standard lengths of: 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 40 inches. Multi-Length Drapes come in standard lengths of: 12″-18″, 16″-24″, 16″-32″, 18″-24″-30″, 24″-30″-36″, and 30″-36″-42″.

Ramps Width: 4′ (122 cm); Incline: 1″ per foot (8.3 cm)

Guardrails Standard widths of 3′, 4′, 6′ and 8′; Standard heights are 28″ and 42″. Additional sizes are available if required.

Stage Steps Stage steps allow access to stages from ground level. Articulating or fixed units available in multiple step configurations. See spec sheets for details.

Guardrail Covers Guardrail covers help bring the audiences attention to the staging area while concealing objects located behind the stage. Guardrail covers can be professionally imprinted with the logo of your facility or your frequent customers. Available in the following standard sizes: 3′ W x 42″ L 4′ W x 42″ L 6′ W x 42″ L 8′ W x 42″ L

Stage Backdrops When you want to add a finishing touch, accent the aesthetic, or shield the performers until curtain-time… a SICO® backdrop is the practical solution. They give the unit a very finished, professional look.

Backdrop Drapes Available in the following standard sizes: 4′ W x 10′ L 6′ W x 10′ L 8′ W x 10′ L 4′ W x 12′ L 6′ W x 12′ L 8′ W x 12′ L

Stage Transport Caddies We offer transport caddies for easy mobility with all our portable stages and stage accessories such as draperies, enclosure panels, guardrails, chair/table stops, crowd barriers, guardrail covers, stage backdrops, and stage ramps.

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