Eurobed Wallbed System – 24/7 Sofa

Eurobed Wallbed System – 24/7 Sofa

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Incredibly Comfortable, Unbelievably Versatile Wallbed

The SICO® Eurobed Wallbed 24/7 Sofa delivers the comfort you expect from a real sofa with the sleeping pleasure of a real bed. This flexible wallbed system is excellent for timeshares, hotels, condos or any other property where space might be limited, but the need for comfort can’t be compromised. It allows you to maximize your seating and sleeping areas in each room, and choose a finish and fabric to match your color scheme.

Functional Space by Day and Sleeping Space by Night

This versatile wallbed/couch system is a great choice for properties where space is at a premium and you must accommodate multiple functions within a limited footprint. The SICO® Suite Concept is used in many hotels to maximize occupancy rates and increase revenues. This allows the hotel to sell a space for a meeting room by day and a sleeping room by night. With the 24/7 Sofa, you can do just that in a compact combination of sofa and bed, in the mattress sizes, cabinetry options, laminate choices and sofa fabrics that best meet your needs.

Explore the SICO® Eurobed with Condo Recess Option

The condo recess is ideal if you want only the wallbed without wall cabinets. This stand-alone unit eliminates the need for night stands and contains not only the SICO® Eurobed™ with innerspring mattress, but also has built-in reading lights and shelves for books, clock-radio and more.

Transitions from Sofa to Bed as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Remove cushions — seat cushions will fit conveniently under the bed for out of the way storage
  2. Rotate leg to keep the bed frame off the sofa when the bed is down and secure the mattress to the frame when the bed is up
  3. Pull down bed — SICO® wallbeds operate easily with just fingertip pressure

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