TC-65 President Table

TC-65 President Table

Stylish and Spacious Cafeteria Tables — for Up to 12 Larger Students

The SICO 12′ TC-65 President Cafeteria Tables seat up to 12 larger students or adults, allowing 24″ of table space per seat. Tables in our TC-65 series serve 25%-40% more students than tables with chairs within the same footprint, so you can maximize your space while minimizing costs. These tables go from stationary to mobile in minutes, saving labor time over traditional tables with chairs. With faster cleanup, lights can go off and energy use can be reduced earlier each day.

Reducing Noise and Aisle Blockage

Tables with attached seats eliminate the noise of chairs moving around and banging together. They also eliminate aisle blockage and the student horseplay that can occur with chairs.

Exciting Color and Design Options

With many laminate top colors, seat colors and patterns to choose from, the TC-65 President is an attractive table in any school environment.

Celebrate School Spirit. Customize This Table with Your School Logo.

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