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Room Makers Wallbed System – Side-Fold

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The Murphy Wallbed Choice for Low-Ceiling Rooms

The SICO® Room Makers™ Side-Fold Wallbed System is the ideal choice for small rooms or when low ceiling heights or soffits are a concern. The bed folds horizontally and can be mounted on a wall or floor, making it perfect for dormitories and basements, too!

The Secret? Our Compression Power Pack System

The SICO® Compression Power Pack System allows the bed to be truly adjustable even after years of use. Traditional spring systems just don't compare because once they have stretched out, a bed becomes heavy and cumbersome to operate. The Power Pack System makes it easy to lift any size bed up and down with the touch of a finger. This model also features a conventional innerspring mattress and box spring for exceptional comfort.

Two Rooms in One

Whether for a home, condo, timeshare unit, or hotel suite, a SICO® wallbed is the perfect way to add more usable living space to any room. Use the same room for sleeping at night, and functional use during the day.

Inner-spring Mattress, Box Spring & Padded Head Board

Maximize sleeping comfort with a conventional inner-spring mattress plus a standard box spring. The slanted, padded headboard is a delight for reading, or watching TV in bed. SICO® Room Makers™ accept quality bedding purchased from SICO®, or a mattress of your choice in six sizes from twin to king. It will also accommodate the thickness of a 10 1/2" pillow-top mattress.